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help me for operation in my left hand

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help me for operation in my left hand

 assalam alecom my brother and sister my name is aben Salman from Palestine Gaza city i need your support and stand with me insha'Allah my brother and sister i need an operation in my hand i hope you can help me to make the dream is really by your support and stand with me insha'Allah

the dream is com really and the IMPOSSIBLE is not difficult 

jazak ALLAH khir 

Dear brothers and sisters .  I am grateful to everyone, and today with increasing pain I will reveal my secret to everyone.  Yes, this is the truth of my suffering here.  Today, I am 27 years old and have a large disability in my left hand, at a rate of 60% .. This fact and the pictures that I published with this post are true.  Yes, I was born with a normal right hand, the left hand is small and the disability rate is 60%. Nevertheless, I have continued my relief and humanitarian work here for the sake of people.  Today, with the development of science, medicine and technology, it has become possible to treat my left hand.  I spoke with the treating doctor since my childhood, who supervised 5 surgeries and plastic surgery from my childhood until 2011.  It is impossible, he told me, in your left hand becoming normal.  In fact, I was very happy, but he told me this is not impossible, but it needs the cost of performing the operation, which will not be in the Gaza Strip due to the lack of resources here. He told me Egypt and Germany are two available options.  At this moment, I felt my heart stopped ... How can I save this cost?  Also, the cost is not low ... I thought a million times before I published my appeal here.  I really appreciate everyone's good and humanitarian actions.  Supportive and solidarity brothers and sisters.  I really need everyone here .. I hope everyone contributes.  Thanks from my little heart 


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