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Launch Via Stellarum , church of the "Road to the Stars"

Organizer & Beneficiary: John Todd

Launch Via Stellarum , church of the "Road to the Stars"

Hi, I'm Professor Jay Tee. I'm an ordained minister living in Japan. I'm also a professional hypnotist. I've learned a lot about the mind, and what we need for mental health and happiness. We are social animals, and we need the support and advice of others. That is, the sane ones do. (Sociopaths need not be recognized as human; they are, sadly, destined to remain subhuman.)

That's why I have launched my own church, with zero emphasis on dogma and a total focus on critical thinking. That's right, this is a church that encourages you to think critically!

Our web page is here for the moment: https://churchofthestars.blogspot...

(No, we haven't even bought ourselves a domain name as of yet. That's part of what we need. Have an idea what name we should use? Let us know what you think!)

The main goal of Via Stellarum is to push humanity forward, to do just what the name implies: Take the road to the stars. Since there isn't one all ready to follow, we're going to have to be the ones to build a road to the stars ourselves!

Humans belong in the stars. 

We at Via Stellarum know it, we believe it to be the Truth, we feel it in our gut and with our soul. (If we have a soul. Probably not, but who knows?)

Humans are born from stardust, and to stardust we shall return. Via Stellarum stands 100% behind the Scientific Method as the primary method of creating technical and social advancement, and the elevation of humans to our proper position in the Universe. We see humans as the most advanced and intelligent of evolution's creatures so far, and we see that as giving us a Destiny.

Via Stellarum theology is Very Simple. 

There may indeed be some god out there that created the universe, but if so, it takes no active part in our destiny. It does not care what worship, prayers or rituals we use. This god (if any), does not watch over humans, and does not care for us; it is doubtful that such would even know we exist.

We disbelieve in any version of a god which has any effect on the here-and-now.

The Universe is Hostile to Humanity 

There are so many natural mechanisms which could instantly exterminate humankind. Dozens, maybe hundreds. And this does not count all the ones which could kill only 90% of us! No caring god would allow us to continue to live in such a precarious position.


Via Stellarum Prayer

Via Stellarum knows that Prayer is a type of communication. (You can get your goals to sink into your unconscious mind in this way. It's much like meditation.) Such prayer, properly done, will help you to improve your own life. We plan to teach this method to our adherents, to help them achieve high economic and political positions from which they can help us to grow and expand.

But forget about praying for someone else. If you want to help someone, open your hands and put them to work!

Via Stellarum is best described as a (possibly-theistic) atheist religion. 

We haven't seen any god, and we can't disprove a god exists, so we are content to wait on giving our belief until a god gets around to doing something scientifically provable as a god-action. (If ever.)

We wish to provide a new source of comfort and support to people who have forgone the traditional ideas of the "man in the sky" gods.

  • We will be providing services such as weddings, to all humans who wish them.
    (Already begun. See below.)
  • We will provide training in using human minds more efficiently and effectively.
  • We will be providing counseling and life advice, using up-to-date mental techniques, and as edified by real neuroscience research.

Via Stellarum stands 100% behind the peaceful exploration and exploitation of the vast resources available out there in the Universe.

 The Universe is a Garden (albeit a dangerous one) just waiting to be planted with the seeds of Earthlife. (More on that below)

Via Stellarum is trying to get humanity dispersed enough that some Random Act of Universal Violence doesn't mince, fry, or splatter all our DNA back into nothingness. Along with all other life on Earth.

In the long run (the game we're playing here), all Life on Earth depends on humans for its survival in a hostile, uncaring Universe.


Via Stellarum believes that humans have a Noble Duty to spread Earthlife

Being the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet, it is our duty and our destiny to bring earthlife to as many other places, planets, stellar systems, and eventually even galaxies beyond the Milky Way, that we can.

  • You an animal lover? You need to support Via Stellarum. Animals on Earth are eventually all going to die without human help.
  • You a human lover? You need to support Via Stellarum, too. Us humans are all going to get killed if we sit down here on this mud-ball for much longer, too. Or, we'll succeed in killing each other.
  • You hate people who look, act, or believe too differently?
    Fuck you, we don't need your money...Well, Hell, give it to us anyhow. We can use it. And you're probably too stupid not to donate.

Please donate to Via Stellarum here on Social Fund! 

No fee is collected!

If you prefer, you can also give donations via PayPal here:

Thanks either way!

I've asked for an initial $5,000 so we can:

1) Buy a domain name and some better hosting

2) Set up our social networks for Via Stellarum (Facebook, Twitter and such) to

3) begin advertising and spreading the Word of the Way to the Stars.

4) Free some of my time up so I can get these things done

***Please give as much as you can, as I intend to use every dollar collected to support Via Stellarum and expand its ability to gain new Via Stellarum converts and branches. I've got a foothold here in Japan, but I'm looking to help other branches expand worldwide.***

I've already been doing weddings to support the cause. If you're having a wedding near Japan, hiring me is another great way to support the Noble Duty of Via Stellarum! https://churchofthestars.blogspot...

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