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Help to rebuild Anne's Home after a fire destroyed it

Organizer: Elena
Beneficiary: anne

Help to rebuild Anne's Home after a fire destroyed it


We have not only reached the goal already, we have gone way beyond! Thank you all so much for contributing ❤

The rebuilding of the house has started and it shouldn't take too long until it is possible to move in. I'll keep you updated. 


Anne is a friend of mine that I met in Nairobi, Kenya. I was staying with her and her mum for one week and I was welcomed with open hearts into their home and their family.
When Anne told me that the house burned down not even two weeks after I was living there, I was not just shocked but touched very deeply as it was also a home to me. 

I met Anne at Sarakasi, centre for circus and dance in Nairobi, whilst teaching workshops with the UK Charity Performers without Borders. Anne is one of the acrobats that train at Sarakasi to become professional performers. She is a great human being and I'm very glad to have met her during my time in Kenya. She made me and the PWB Team feel very welcomed at Sarakasi. She would hang out with us, teach us Swahili, Kenyan cooking and anything about Kenyan culture.


Living together with Anne and her mum was a beautiful experience. I got to meet her three older sisters, her little 6 months year old niece, neighbours and friends. I got to know the little community of the street and I was made part of the family without any questions. I did surely feel welcomed and at home!

Anne and her mum are living in Majengo, one of the Ghettos in Nairobi and the home consisted of just two small rooms in a row of little homes made out of timber, metallsheets and mud. There is no running water, low electricity and just enough space to fit a bed, a little table, a gas stove, a couch and two armchairs, but always enough space to somehow fit family and friends.
As someone in the neighbouring flats left a candle burning, the whole row of houses burned down and there was no chance to save anything.
Fortunatley enough everyone is alive and no one got hurt.


But now Anne and her mum have to start from nothing as everything they had got lost in the fire. It will be an estimated amount of 100 000 KSH (880 EUR) to rebuild and replace everything.
There is no insurance to cover the costs and with an average income of 2500 KSH / 22 EUR per week, you can imagine how difficult the situation is.

Here's some numbers to get an idea of what the costs here in Kenya are:

Rebuild the house + materials: 25 000 KSH  =  220 EUR
Mattress: 6000 KSH  =  52,80 EUR
Blanket: 2000 KSH =  17,60 EUR
Leggins: 100 KSH  =  0,90 EUR
Shoes: 500 KSH  =  4,40 EUR
Pair of Socks: 20 KSH  =  0,20 EUR

So with just 5 EUR you could already help to get a new pair of shoes.
And if just 20 people can give 11 EUR, then the costs for rebuilding the house are already covered.
If we can get 500 EUR together, it would already be more than half of the money that is needed in total.
And if we can raise over 500 EUR, it would be incredibly amazing!

What is small money in Europe is already a lot in Kenya.
So anything that you can give is a great help!

Thank you for helping my Kenyan Family to get back their home again!