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Better life

Organizer & Beneficiary: Rodrigo Santiago

Better life

Hello, my name is Rodrigo Santiago. I'm 32 and I am an entrepeneur from Brazil who is searching for a better life.

Being an entrepeneur in my country has being very difficult since 2014 with a huge economical crisis caused by an uneficient governement.

Since then I am looking for a way to getting money without govenement influence, but in a legal way. The way I found out is trading in Forex market.

I've been practicing since 2016 and now I feel it is the moment to start for real.

On a demo account I turned the initial fake money from $ 10,000.00 to more than $ 2,000,000.00.

However I need some initial cash to be profitable and I am trying to get this money here, because I am out of money at the moment beacuse my business was very damaged in the crisis.

I hope I can get some help here.

Thank you all for your attention. This money will help me to get married and start my so expected family.

Best regards

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