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Tootsie's packed and ready to go

Organizer: Shane Harrison
Beneficiary: hearts and tails animal alliance

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Tootsie's packed and ready to go

Distance might be something we humans are learning a lot about lately, but it was how Tootsie lived most of her life. She lived at the end of a chain, outside and exposed, never knowing what it was like to be close to a human being. Then suddenly, the person who used to feed her was gone and she found herself at the shelter. She was so scared, but she learned to trust the people there who took her for walks. But soon, they weren't coming to see her anymore and she worried that she'd been abandoned again. But we knew that wasn't true and the volunteers were hoping this sweet girl would find her hero, so they asked us to help her find a way out. And the Mighty Rescue Army stepped up again, as they always do. With their help, and with the incredible folks at Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance choosing our sweet girl, she isn't going to have to worry anymore. Thanks to everyone who helped send Tootsie on her way to a happier future.