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Donate to buy a safe house to protect cats

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Donate to buy a safe house to protect cats

Hi friends, I wanted to tell you that I rescue, feed and treat homeless animals in Egypt. I stand by them and support them. I have my own shelter and I need your support to buy food for the cats and dogs. A small donation saves an animal's life. take care of her. It's cold here because of the cold winter. We now need their costs. You can send your donation to these cats. I hope, friends, that you can send your donation and help  ، I wanted to tell you that I saw a friend of mine who built a house and shelter for homeless cats and did the same job for the animals I found and made houses that looked like they were made out of cardboard boxes to protect homeless people cats and dogs from the cold winter weather. I hope you will also make a donation and a small contribution. To prepare and manufacture more protective homes, I hope friends will adhere to this idea to protect homeless animals. I hope you will donate a small amount to support this idea $2000