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Normans Phase 2 Heartworm Treatment

Organizer & Beneficiary: Forgotten Paws Dog Rescue

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Normans Phase 2 Heartworm Treatment

Flamingo Fun Pool package for Normans phase 2 heartworm  treatment.  $5 gets you the chance to win! 

Drawing is this Saturday,  June 16th, at 9pm! 

Norman had his first shot four weeks ago and is now back for his phase 2, which includes a shot today and a shot tomorrow. :(  

He will have to be kept cool and calm for four more weeks until all the worms are gone and passed through  his bloodstream. He had a tough time w phase one so we have to be extra careful with him for the next few weeks. 

The amount needed is in addition o what has already been raised and spent on getting Norman healthy.