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Izzy's Vet Costs

Organizer & Beneficiary: Allison Guitard

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Izzy's Vet Costs

Meet Izzy, who has been my friend since 2009. She is a Very Good Dog, as you can tell from her photo.

Last year, Izzy had surgery to repair a torn ligament in her knee. Since then, her knee has failed to heal properly, and she still limps around on three legs most of the time. She has had multiple x-rays and vet visits to figure out what is wrong.

Right now, they think it is a rare but serious infection in the bone called osteomyelitis, but need to do a procedure to confirm that it is an infection causing her knee to swell.

I am asking for help to cover the costs of this procedure ($600), as well as perhaps any followup procedures and treatments. Treatment may require aggressive antibiotics or more surgery. I don't know exactly how much all of this will cost but I am going to start my goal at $1,000.

Please consider donating to help my Izzy dog walk better!

Update: Izzy's test results were inconclusive, but I now need at least an extra $400 to treat her at my vet, and possibly more to take her to an orthopedic specialist. I've updated my goal to $1300 to reflect these new developments. Thanks for donating to help my puppo!