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Please make a difference to their lives today.

Organizer: Stephanie B
Beneficiary: daniel v

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Please make a difference to their lives today.

Hello good people. I am trying to raise funds to help two special young men (I call them boys as they are both still young), Daniel and Lorenco, whose lives have consisted of one raw deal after another. Life has been very unkind to these two boys. They grew up in a very unstable home, the result was that they were moved from one family member to another. They did not live in one home for long before they were shipped off to someone else. Their father was murdered five years ago. Their mother re-married, but their stepfather refused to have anything to do with them or to help them in any way. At one stage they were living with their aunt and as soon as they had completed high school, she told them to leave her home. They did not have the opportunity to study further/attend college. The boys are really struggling, even with the help of a few friends, to just keep their heads above water. Daniel is unemployed and cannot find work, whilst Lorenco works as a cashier, making very little money each month. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for these young men and I appeal to each and every one who reads this message, and if you find it in your heart, to please make a small donation. The funds will be used to pay a deposit and two months’ rent on an apartment for the boys as well as get them some household items. Their need is legitimate. They are not the type of people who would ask for hand-outs or assistance, they would rather suffer in silence as they have done all their lives. It is heart-breaking to see such young people having to try and fend for themselves and face one obstacle after another. Life has thrown them some nasty curveballs, it seems to be never-ending. They deserve better than what has been dealt them. Your donations, no matter how small, will bring a very positive change to their situation. I know there are people out there who are willing to help, who will turn the boys’ sadness and despondency to happiness. I appeal to you to make a donation and help these boys to get ahead for once in their lives and show them that the world is not the unkind place they believe it to be. Today you could be the one who makes a difference to them.  

Thank you and may you be blessed abundantly today and always.


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