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Zeke with The Second Hand Dog Rescue

Organizer: Micala Jacobe
Beneficiary: the second hand dog resuce

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Zeke with The Second Hand Dog Rescue

**please read**

Our foster puppy continues to have bad news.

We just got back from taking him to an orthopedic specialist in Buffalo. It turns out the trauma from the suspect hit by car that he suffered broke both of his front leg growth plates. He is at risk everyday of his elbows dislocating until he gets another major surgery. He needs an ulnaectomy which means they take out a part of his bone in both of his front legs and pack a piece of fat from his armpit to create a space between his bone and carpal (wrist) joint. This surgery is needed for him to live a normal life and continue to walk and it is going to cost 5-7 thousand! The rescue is asking for us to step in and help! Even 5 dollar goes a long way. He has already went through major surgery in his back end leg and he is just the SWEETEST. He’s had such a rough life already as he was neglected and starved.

Any money left over the 7,000 will go to other of the numerous dogs in the rescue!