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That Was a Festive Knock

Organizer: Maxwell Murray
Beneficiary: brielle

That Was a Festive Knock

This campaign is for Brielle P., one of the kindest, fiercest souls I have ever met. The genuine love Bri pours out into the world around her is felt by everyone in her life, and this year, I wanted to make sure she feels a little bit of that love in return.

In particular, we're hoping to raise enough to jump start Brielle's funds for buying a new guitar.  She's a fantastic musician and a better friend, and we're hoping to show her our intense support for her career and capabilities.

This is a small way of saying, "We love you, and we believe in you."

We'll let Bri know (and give her da money) on Christmas of this year! Pls keep it a secret in the meantime!