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Organizer: Elain Brown
Beneficiary: second hand dog rescue

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Rescue is never easy and just when you think things might be ok for the dogs in your care, something happens to make it just go sideways. This past week has been very hard and I’ve just now had enough time and energy to get the information together to let our wonderful followers know what has happened and to ask for help

9 weeks ago exactly I saw a shelter, that we work with in GA, posted a heavily pregnant dog in great need and, thanks to the experience with Dori and her litter, we had a relationship with a really great whelping/boarding quarantine place. The owner of the place immediately said yes and we got the mom to the quarantine area of her place. A few days later the flipper litter was born and they have been growing and doing excellent. When the pups were 7 weeks old we arranged for their shots at a vet we’ve used before without issue. They were to get their first shots and in another 2 weeks get their second set so when they were to travel they would have a better protection. Unfortunately at the very appointment on the 17th, that was to offer them protection against the diseases most devastating, they were somehow exposed to parvovirus and one week later on Christmas Eve we were scrambling to get them life saving veterinary treatment. Luckily, at a different vet, they received excellent treatments and care and at this moment all 6 are still with us and 5 of them are eating and drinking on their own. The runt baby girl is the one still not doing so great and we are praying for her to respond to the treatment.

This is obviously very expensive and we are asking for your help to treat these babies. They will not be traveling for at least 2-4 weeks from now until they are fully recovered and not shedding the virus any longer. We have extra boarding costs and treatment costs are in the thousands. 

Parvo is extremely environmentally stable and there are cases all over the country including here in Rochester. All it takes is for you to walk in the woods and step or kneel in a spot a wild canine with parvo had eliminated as long as 7 years ago and you go visit your friends new puppy and they lick your shoe and suddenly they are exposed. We are devastated they got exposed at the one place we were going that was to protect them. No amount is too small. To get it to us quickly use:

We will update you on the puppies condition as soon as we know.