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Send your love and donation to the poor children of Gaza

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Send your love and donation to the poor children of Gaza


dear friends,

No one can deny that Gaza live in a disastrous situation and suffer from everything . Gaza still suffering Over 15 years of ongoing Tight siege that caused creation a lot of crises and large percentage of families joining under the poverty line.

First, I want to thank you for the amazing things we did together; the happiness we brought to kids after their life was reduced to bleak ruins in Gaza, the dreams we made come true, and the life we re-plugged to colorless homes that were struck with despair and hopelessness. Together we stood for humanity, dug deep into our hearts and shared the blessings that life gave us with the isolated unheard poor.

Today I may ask you for another great favor, whose benefits will be everlasting.

Let us not suffice with aiding the poor timelessly. We should rather set them free from poverty, give them a push that would put them on the first step of the ladder of sustaining a living for themselves, and their surplus would go to help others in the same circumstances.

gaza is a voiceless village in Gaza’s periphery. It is struck with unspeakable grieve and despair. Its people are far below the poverty line, and their unlivable conditions, not only deprive them from realizing their dreams, opportunities and chances in life, but it makes them more vulnerable to preventable death.

Yet, its people are clinging to life with every breath. Children fight the harshest weathers to get to school, while their parents struggle non-stop to put food on the table.

However, despite their determination for living, they remain trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and cannot break out of it on their own. They need our help, and they deserve sharing our blessings with them.

my brothers and sisters everywhere, Your support means a lot to us, Please

consider donating or spreading the word about our cause.

This campaign is for children and poor families in Gaza - Palestine.

They are in dire need of care and provision of food, clothing and treatment.

Anyone can contribute $ 5, $ 10, $ 50, $ 100, to this campaign

Donate as much as you can.

If you donated you can be a cause of a child smile or a family delight.

Do not ignore it .. they really need you.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the success of this campaign