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Donate for the treatment and travel of my sick child malak

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Donate for the treatment and travel of my sick child malak

Hello my friends everywhere

I am the child, Malak Mahmoud, I am 12 years old

I live in the Gaza Strip, my father is unemployed

I was exposed to a chronic disease 6 years ago, which affected my physical, psychological and scientific life.

I have not found a solution until the moment because I am still suffering from this disease,

This skin disease caused disfigurement all over my body. I need money for treatment and to travel abroad because I have not found treatment in the Gaza Strip.

Please all friends to donate even one dollar to help me buy medicine and travel to end my illness that hindered my life. I became very ashamed of going out of the house, and my scientific life stopped.

I hope all friends will help me so that I can complete my normal life as children.

Send my love and peace to those who donate and help restore my rosy life.

Thank you very much, and may God reward you for this humanitarian work.

Imagine for one moment that I am your child.

Will you leave your child to suffer?

Goodbye with my love.





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