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Field of Dreams Field #2

Organizer: Hebron Little League
Beneficiary: hebron little league

Field of Dreams Field #2

Houston we have a problem! 

Actually its a great problem to  have, we had so many kids register for our ball programs this year that  trying to schedule games and practice for all seven teams on one field  was a daunting task to say the least. All the rain did not help us out  either.

So after we watched our 12U boys win the Championship this  year!! (Mind you they were super close to not even having a team and  were playing against towns four times the size of Hebron) we got  together to figure out what we needed to do to keep this program growing  and keep these kids playing here in Hebron. Giant Pride!!

We made  due with what we had this year and utilized the grass area by the field  as our T-Ball game field and our practice field for all levels. We also  collaborated with Richmond at the 14U Boys level since our current  field is too short for them to play on. However, with the numbers at the  lower levels being as great as they are, we don't feel we will be able  to continue to do that moving forward.

So we started the process  of planning a second field that would not only allow the T-Ball to play  on an actual field, but also allow the 14U boys to continue to play here  in Hebron as well. We were dreaming, this was going to be a 2-3 year  process and was going to be a lot of work raising the funds to make it  actually happen.

Until we received a super generous donation that  will not only start the process, but make this actually happen, and  happen very soon. Fingers crossed, come April 2020 Kennedy Field will be  a two field park. How amazing would that be!!

And that's where we  need your help! While we do have the funds to get the process started  and have had some amazing people volunteer their time and materials, we  still have a long way to go.  No donation is too small and if you can't  donate we would love if you could just share the link for us. 

PS. We are working on our tax exepmt status so will update everyone once that is ready. Who doesn't love a little write off??