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Royal Al, Paralyzed Kitten Needs Your Help!

Organizer: Jocelyne Durrenberger
Beneficiary: carmah

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Royal Al, Paralyzed Kitten Needs Your Help!

I’m Royal (AKA Al) and I could really use some ’tribute’ from my ‘subjects/fans’!  

I was found on the streets of S. Martin, near death, with my back legs and tail useless.  The good hearted vet took me in and nursed me to health.  She saw that my legs and tail were beginning to move, and wanted to get him to a foster for further treatment, including PT.

(BTW I do think I am a lost prince.  I have fine Siamese marking and captivating blue eyes.  There’s no other explanation!)

My supplies and treatments are costly - and of course I am worth every cent!

 Your  entire tax-deductible donation goes towards my care.  Any excess goes in to building CaRMaH‘s Special Needs Funds, for other unfortunate kitties who suffer from diabetes, trauma, or simply being old.  

The steps I will one day take will be in your honor!