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Help me not lose my Home

Organizer & Beneficiary: Tristan

Help me not lose my Home

I am facing big trouble with debt.

I seek help because due to my severe Depression and PTSD I am unable to work besides my studies at University. My mental illnesses also caused me to take much longer for studying than other students, which is why I am living off a tiny student credit right now. I am in psychological treatment, but of course that doesn't help in money-matters. 

Due to massive chaos in the past few months, such as a break-up from my long term relationship, which almost lasted 7 years, and moving into student dorms, I had a huge amount of cost and now have a bunch of debts due to an uncovered bank account.  

I am unable to pay my health insurance these days, and now I'm confronted with a warrant letter and a letter from my university threatening with ex-matriculation if I can't pay the health insurance. My credit and the allowance to live in the dorm are both linked to being a student. In other words: If I can't pay the health insurance, I'll lose both my home and my income, and with this also my psychotherapy.

I need urgent help to pay my insurance and my debts. I can't handle this on my own. 

I am grateful for every Cent I can get.

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