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Albuquerque bicycle commuter recovery

Organizer & Beneficiary: Todd Hierlmaier

Albuquerque bicycle commuter recovery

Yes.  My head was in that helmet.

While biking home from work around 1:30 AM on November 12, 2017 an unidentified motorist slammed into my back wheel.  Unfortunately, I have no recollection of the event.

I awoke to Emergency personnel inviting me to get up out of the street and come into an ambulance to further assess my injuries.  Fortunately, I survived the ordeal.  My colleagues at the hospital tracked my acute recovery.  Since then, numerous musculoskeletal and neuro injuries are healing to where I can ambulate and get around today.

Would you help me recover property damage from this incident?

The identity of the motorist remains unknown.  Several attempts to gain further information from APD has at best returned "no responsive information."  I'm left trying to recover the following which were rendered unusable in the accident: 

* road bike 

* helmet 

* laptop monitor

My basic hope is to generate funds to cover what I lost above.  I would expect the motorist to come forward and take responsibility for hitting me and replacing this property.  In that case, or if this generates more than what's needed, I intend to donate surplus funds to environmental or health promotion causes.  Minimally, you will be updated if you donate to this cause.

Thank you for considering!