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After Tragedies - Bring New York Artist Home

Organizer: Aziza Al-Tawil
Beneficiary: diviana

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After Tragedies - Bring New York Artist Home

Several years ago my friend Diviana moved to Puerto Rico with her fiancée so he could visit his family. After being there for a while he fell very ill and passed away at a young age. This left Diviana stranded and alone with her pet cats. They'd already lost furniture to termites and also had to endure the devastating hurricanes and then the "Covid-19 Pandemic" - not to mention "Zika" and "Chikungunya" viruses.  Due to all this tragedy, and then his death,  she lost the apartment they had shared and was forced into public housing. 

Her living conditions are horrific - unlike on the mainland United States, they don't provide hot water heaters or appliances, and they also don't provide extermination and all manner of bugs are everywhere in building. Electricity often goes out for hours on end on the island and employment is scarce.

Diviana is extremely depressed because she's homesick and would like to be back in the NorthEast again with her pets. She's trying to raise money to secure a place to live and be able to get what's left of her belongings out of storage and have transportation home for her and her beloved cats. She's afraid if she doesn't get home she might lose her pets and they will be euthanized.

She's asking friends and others to find it in there hearts to help her get home finally. She's an artist, natural healer, performer, and animal lover and known to help others - now she needs help.

Please donate if you can - any amounts welcome and please share this so we can get Diviana and her cats home to the NorthEast so her heart can finally heal from such devastating losses. Thank You!


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