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need some financial help to solve debt and save my dog life

Organizer & Beneficiary: raniero

need some financial help to solve debt and save my dog life

Hello my name is raniero and im a 25 years old guy.

I have major mental issue, especially anxiety and depression.

I have no family and no real friends apart few people that i met at bar when i find the courage to go and take a coffe.

However until 6 months ago i was working and i was doing "okay" in life...i had my anxiety problem but still with some pills and will and with a support of a specialist i was going ahead.

Then suddenly my "Father" (if like that we can call it, i think i saw him 20 times in my life...)

who lives in another country died.

Happy ending.....He left me with a well over 10000

us dollars debt, coz he was an alchoolist with gamble addiction and some crime commited.

That news plus the condition of my dog, my only friend and lover (she got stomach cancer)

get more severe, so the only possibility she have is to make a surgery but it's very expensive for me so that's why i' m here to beg somebody to helps me out.

After i received that news it was the end for me.

My anxiety and depression reached the level that i quitted job and started to think about killing myself.

After that my analyst tried to help me out giving me away even free consulence but that's not enough..

I have that insane debt for my wallet and i have no one that can loan me that i am trying to ask the world on internet if somebody could help me.

IT really might save my life...coz my will to live at the moment is really ending...

thanks everybody for reading my tragic story, and sorry for my terrible english

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