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Carey & Kaitlyn (Meikle) Kornwise

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Carey & Kaitlyn (Meikle) Kornwise

After 5 long years Kaitlyn & Carey were finally pregnant.  Kaitlyn was taken off work in May after her placenta previa caused serious concerns for their unborn child. The baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus & is measuring very small due to the damage from her placenta.  The baby is being monitored and plans for where, when and how the baby will be delivered are being discussed. Consultations with pediatric neurosurgeons have been initiated and they are currently awaiting a referral/appointment at Children's Hospital in St. Louis,  MO.

At the same time Carey became extremely ill with a serious platelet disorder. He was hospitalized several times and had just started to show some improvement with medical treatment.  On July 11, 2019 Carey was in a serious car accident which resulted in life threatening injuries.  He has multiple broken bones - 12 ribs, 2 bones in his arm, his shoulder blade,  his spleen was destroyed which required immediate surgery, a puncture lung, heart damage and many other medical concerns they are monitoring daily.  He is still currently in the ICU.  

Kaitlyn has been hospitalized with high blood pressure a few times, including the day of Carey's accident.  She is such an amazing mom & wife and is trying to balance all the added stress.

Kennedy is staying strong for her mom & dad as this is a lot for a 6 year old to take in.  

They were managing financially since Kaitlyn was taken off work but now it is extremely difficult with Carey's sudden loss of income. The previous medical expenses, expenses being accrued currently & the upcoming costs to receive the proper care for their baby is a concern. This has caused additional stress which is not healthy for the family.

The family appreciates the out pouring of love, support and prayers!   The family doesn't feel right asking for financial help, but so many people have asked what they can do.  We have set up a Social Fund Page to help support the family during this difficult time.