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Save the children of Palestine from hunger

Organizer & Beneficiary: Palestinian Child Foundation

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Save the children of Palestine from hunger

Hello, we at the Palestinian Child Foundation, are raising funds to provide protection and food for children in time of war. We, as a team working in the Palestinian Child Foundation, continue to work under very harsh conditions in times of war in order to protect Palestinian children and enhance their steadfastness. We also have a full crew for people with special needs. Where our establishment strives to provide food for children and basic necessities such as milk, diapers and food as well as to pay off the accumulated debts that burden him. their families. We collect donations and send 100% directly with subscription with international institutions


Gaza has been under a military blockade for 15 years, which means imports and exports are restricted, as well as the movement of people to and from Gaza, and access to agricultural land and fishing waters. Gazans are unable to provide for their families and the quality of vital infrastructure and services has deteriorated. This makes Gaza the largest open air prison in the world. Aside from the basic necessities for families of children as of now, life is a constant struggle for Gazans with 35% of them living in poverty, and in the past six years the average wage in Gaza has fallen by 20% according to the United Nations website.

We need to constantly follow and support our people on the ground in Palestine, which is why I encourage you to open your heart and give what you can today. No family should choose between basic needs.

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