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Help me pay off debt, please!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Makenna Wade

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Help me pay off debt, please!

Hello, my name is Makenna. I'm not sure how to word this with eloquence when I'm asking strangers on the internet to help me with my debt. 

I am in debt because of medical expenses. I suffer from MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), and Panic Disorder. 

During the earlier days of my diagnosis, I didn't have proper medication or a therapist to guide me through my mental illnesses. I found myself admitted into the psychiatric ward several times. 

Now that I have gotten proper treatment, I'm left with an overwhelming amount of debt because of my hospitalizations. The debt has caused an immense amount of weight on my shoulders. It's much harder to focus on my mental wellbeing with the added stressor of debt when I cannot repay it. It's constantly on my mind, I can't shake the thought. It's a vicious cycle of going to the hospital and getting billed for it, only to go back to the hospital because I'm overwhelmed with the money that I owe. 

I understand it's a tall order to fill. I'm grasping for straws at this point. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you. 

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