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Treatment for Belle

Organizer & Beneficiary: Josephine Halili

Treatment for Belle

UPDATE: sadly the results of a scan have shown that the tumor in Belle’s lung has grown and she needs an operation to have it removed. She urgently needs funds for this operation.


Donnabelle still needs treatment for her lung tumor and bone cancer. Her funds have run out. She needs our help.

There is good news. With regular oral treatment the lung tumor has shrunk.  She also makes the two hour trip to Manila every twenty days where she continues to get IV treatment for the cancer in her bones.

The lung tumor can be removed, but only when the bone cancer clears up.

With limited assistance from the Philippine government Donnabelle finds herself in a time sensitive situation where everything hangs on the line.

The  tumor in her right lung can grow again without the continued oral treatment she was getting.

Donnabelle is with Vince, her husband and Vincent, her son at home in Pampanga, Philippines. With the love  and support of her extended family at home and overseas and with her faith, she is keeping a smile on her face and an amazingly optimistic view on life.

Please donate, so Donnabelle can get the treatment she needs to finally and completely destroy this cancer and have this tumor evicted from her lung.

To say Donnabelle is an angel on earth would be an understatement, in my opinion. She has touched the lives of everyone she meets with her faith and kindness and gentle soul. We are all better people for having her in our lives. If you have not been so lucky as to meet her, I wish you could. She needs to get better. With your help, she can.

Absolutely any amount will help. It all adds up.

Thank you so very much.

Margo and family

(Friends for life)