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I need help for my family

Organizer & Beneficiary: Lulu Ahmed

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I need help for my family

أخبر الناس لماذا يجب أن يساعدوا / يساهموا.I need help for my brothers. I hope that all friends will donate to me in order to obtain money and pay off some debts that my father left us, and we have become in a very difficult situation after my father married another woman after the death of my mother. I live with 3 of my sisters. I am now the eldest daughter. I am 23 years old. After the death of my mother, may God have mercy on her. We are in a very bad condition, and we are asking for help from everyone because of our bad condition. Some days I did not find food for my brothers while they were crying of hunger and I could not do anything for them. Then I went to my father and he did not help me and kicked me out of the house. Now, my brothers and I live in a rented house. We pay the owner of the house 80 dollars every month, and with the passage of 3 months, I have a lot of debts because no one in my family offers us help. I hope all people who see my words this. I hope you take care of it and help us, thank you. Sorry to inform you of the bad condition. But if I don't tell you, we will starve to death. I hope you help and thank you

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