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Battlecropped severe blood infection

Organizer & Beneficiary: Let Them Live Rescue Inc

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Battlecropped severe blood infection

Our vet bills are staggering and this baby is feeling worse today. We now have diarrhea with blood.

We recieved the call regarding this baby after no other persons would get involved. For their own various lame reasons. So we did. Upon arriving and after a plan we were finally able to see this baby and I can tell you I fell to my knees and swept openly. 

Meet Gargoyle. She is a baby that had a backyard breeder chop her ears off her. Yes you read it right. What they had done was called backyard battlecropping . A dog fighting crop job. She suffered this horrific painful mutilation and had severe infection set in that spread around her face and into her bloodstream.  This baby just wanted to feel safe... long story short she is safe... but we now have to go to a specialist immediately because of how severe this is.

Please help if you can please. This infection is life threatening. 


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