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Support for Lenny and Varda for Medical and Living Expenses

Organizer: Redeemed Israel Ministries
Beneficiary: lenny and varda

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Support for Lenny and Varda for Medical and Living Expenses

Lenny and Varda are Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua. ABBA has  engraved upon their hearts the desire and the call to be a part of the  â€œRestoration of the whole house of Israel". Proclaiming HIS prophetic  word in song, they have produced and recorded eleven CDs ( ). Their songs  have become iconic in the Hebrew roots movement and are beloved by those  who have returned and those returning to their Hebraic Heritage.

Unfortunately, Lenny has shingles and is in a lot of pain. The doctor said:"the only thing is to let it run it's course; we don't know how long it will take and then... recovery time." They have had to cancel all upcoming ministry work, their only source of income. Expenses for Lenny's care, food, and monthly bills are accumulating and they need our help!

Would you please join us in supporting Lenny and Varda in this time of need?

Donations will go to Adonai Echad Music Inc. (A.E.M.I)
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