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Help me clear off my debt and get on my feet

Organizer & Beneficiary: Charlie

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Help me clear off my debt and get on my feet

Hi everyone,

I am not very sure how many will turn up to help after reading my story but I will be totally honest here.

Let me start with I made decision that I regret.

I am from a middle class family and I have a stable job which gives me a decent income to carry on with my life but 6 months ago I started to think. what am I doing with my life and am not being of any help to my family who took care of me all these years and I decided to make extra bucks by playing poker online, worst decisions of my life I can say. I just wanted to make my family proud and help them with all I can but it turns out to be a wrong decision of my life. I started playing poker online and 90% of my monthly income went there from past 6 months and with a debt of 10000 dollars, there are times in these 6 months where I did not have enough money to buy  food for days and I felt ridiculous about it but yet I would play the game as soon as I got my  pay in the hope to clear off the debts I have and get back on my feet. I tried going to bank every month when I was broke to clear off the debts I have and start clean but it did not work out with my credit score and I kept playing poker to get off the debt situation and situation went worse. something i realized after 6 months was i am loosing on the money and am getting mentally ill as well, i am in depression now. I keep thinking about money I owe and how am going to pay that off 24*7 literally. I have gone suicidal couple of times but I have a strong brain which controlled my emotions at those times and I have told myself that I am not a coward or quitter. 1st thing I am going to do is see a doctor to get out of my medical condition and never get into this poker pit again. 

I don't know how many of you will be willing to help after reading this story cos its a ridiculous and stupid story. please help me get back to my feet and share this story with your kids and close ones as "things not to do in your life".

I know this is a forum to ask for funds but It would be great if somebody can lend me such kind of money and I promise to payback.

Thanks in advance!!

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