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Need Money for Debt Consolidation and Medical Treatment

Organizer & Beneficiary: Harish K S

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Need Money for Debt Consolidation and Medical Treatment

Hi All,

Myself Harish from India. Im a guy struggling hard to come up in life. Im a family man with wife, kid and parents. Ours was a happy family few years ago. I was also working as sales representative. But our joy now no more. My job got fired up almost in 3 different companies coz of various reasons. Coz of this my better half had to start working to support me. But since we have a kid of 5yrs, she could not get a better job than a teacher who can return home by the time of my son is back from school. A few days later my dad has to leave the job coz of his age (58yrs) which doesn't permits. My dad was told to be at home by the employer. Now the burden to our family has increased. Since my income was irregular and earners in family was few, our financial situation became bad to worst. 

I was trying hard to come up with extra work to support my family, but nothing worked out. now my dad is suffering from hernia and needs to be treated. I being the son, im helpless and feel bad that im not able to take care of my parents who are still having expectation on me. coz of this situation we need to borrow up money from lenders and manage. but the debit is increasing and the lenders are asking their money to be returned. Recently i joined a new company which has paid me very less salary for 3 months. looking at all these situations day by day all my family members are getting depressed. i cant face those expecting face on me that i will do something. I tried to get help with my friends too, but no one was ready after knowing my situation. They fear that i may end up not refunding their money. 

So finally i got this website on net. gone through other campaigns and felt little confidence that I may get some help from all of you for my debt consolidation and for my dad's treatment. I request all good people to help me out from this situation. Once Im well in life, I will surely like to help other people like me who are suffering from financial crisis. 

Thanks all..

Harish K S

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Harish K S

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