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Saly, Only 8 years old, needs to Operate to Battle Cancer

Organizer: Reema
Beneficiary: nadia abdul-kareem

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Saly, Only 8 years old, needs to Operate to Battle Cancer

Hi, my name is Nadia, and I'm Saly's aunt

In September 2018,  my niece Saly, a beautiful, intelligent and active girl, my sister's  only child, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of leukemia ,  Saly was only five when she started her first round of chemotherapy, and  due to the rare nature of this type of blood cancer, there was no  specific protocol for treatment. Add to that, the medical services in  Syria were and still are so limited.
Left with no options, my sister  surrendered to all the available trials and doctors' suggestions at the  time. In other words, beautiful little Saly was treated like a lab rat.  Putting Saly on various strong medications and different chemotherapy  doses, Saly had many side effects such as temporary kidney failure,  severe bleeding, and hepatitis type c . All these serious side effects  didn’t stop Saly or her mom from dreaming and praying that this  nightmare would end and Saly would be able to go to school one day. Saly  was fighting with all the power a little girl can ever have. We as a  family prayed and kept encouraging each other that she would beat this  beast.

Unfortunately, after almost four years of rounds and rounds  of chemotherapy and many invasive medications, my sister received the  news no mother could ever handle. The cancer cells show up in Saly's  bone marrow biopsy again. Saly and my sister’s world turned upside down.  Shocked and unable to think, the doctors told my sister they had tried  everything available in Syria and had no other options. They suggested  that she travels to Turkey as the medical facilities and treatments are  better there.

My sister did not ask anyone for help, but  after four years of constant suffering, now in Turkey, she is alone with  a sick child without any financial or emotional support. My sister is a  very faithful and courageous single mum who was doing and bearing  everything herself, not willing to be a burden on others. After all the  hematologist visits, lab tests, biopsies, and chemotherapy treatments,  she is exhausted emotionally and drained financially. The doctors in  Turkey said Saly would need a bone marrow transplant or a very advanced  stem cell therapy. Such treatments are quite expensive, and neither she  nor we as a family are able to afford them.



It  is very difficult to ask for help. However, seeing the people, you love  the most suffering agonizing pain is even more difficult and  heartbreaking. My sister's situation left us with no other option but to  ask for your kind help. Please, when you make your decision, bare in  mind that your help will enable Saly to have another chance at life and  save my sister's only child and only hope in humanity. Please help Saly  with her battle. Your donation will decide which treatment path she will  take. There is no big or small amount. Every dollar counts.

Thanks a lot for your support.
Nadia Abdul-Kareem