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Help with art school funding

Organizer & Beneficiary: ayala

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Help with art school funding

I recently invested a lot of money in building my art portfolio (around 500$) and now i dont have enough to pay for my tuition. my parent will help me with a small part of it because we dont have enough money but im still missing some. I work part time at a local resturant (because im still in highschool) and ill have most of the money by the end of the summer but ill still be missing around 200, and thats why i need help. If you donate, you'll be helping my dream come true. I want to be a graphic artist and this has been my dream since i was little. ive been doing art since around age 4 and have been told that i am gifted, and it would be a waste if i didnt use it. thank you so much for your time, and please help me out.

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