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Help Keep Heather Flores & JG Transport Rolling

Organizer: Aimee Jo Hatt
Beneficiary: heather flores

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Help Keep Heather Flores & JG Transport Rolling

At What Cost?

What if you are being faced with not being able to continue your job that you are very good at?  What if that job was to help save the lives of innocent animals from thousands of miles across our country? A job that even though barely breaks even after expenses, and can tear you apart physically, emotionally and financially, you insist to Continue to do with your dying breath, because it is a Part of you?

You Fight for your job.

Heather Flores is not just a transporter. She is a carrier of hearts to their Forever homes and reputable rescues all over our country and Canada. She leaves the comforts of her family, friends, animals & home, to pack up and be on the road for sometimes over a week at a time. Her years of this have taken a toll on her life, but she has pushed on. Her van has definately taken a beating. It is currently in a garage in Buffalo, NY, and she cannot pick it up until repairs are paid. One breakdown can cause a chain reaction that can put you out of business. She has been renting vans to complete her missions, but this is even more of an expense on top of the repairs she currently still owes for. Her bills at home have fallen behind, and we must remember she does not have health care with this position. Her family is like many of us and pays out of pocket for care & meds. She spends her own money on collars, sweaters, Pedialyte, puppy pads, treats & many other extras, on top of regular vehicle maintenance, insurances, and gas. It can be tough to get solid help to travel with her, and good help costs something, too. This is not a position for the faint of heart. The  dogs and driver are always  safer with a committed team.

We Cannot Lose Heather.

It can also be a Thankless job at times. Though most folks she deals with Understand that doggie arrival times can vary, she still deals with folks that talk down to her, and harass her for not being on schedule. The dogs must be walked, fed and cleaned out every 6-8 hours. This Takes Hours. Then you always have the rescue/foster that doesn't think before worming their pup(s) just before transport...ugghh. Overfeeding, forgetting papers, being late to drop off...all of these things cause her to be behind and are Beyond her control. Weather, traffic, and accidents are even further beyond her control. The disrespect I have heard come from rescues/individuals regarding a late dropoff literally makes me ill. She puts her life on the line by driving so far to begin with. She deserves Respect and our Support to help her to continue. When someone puts their Heart into Every transport, that is someone we need to Fight to Keep on the road. Every person that has adopted, every rescue that had utilized her services, every person that wants to continue to see her do her good work, she Needs our help now.

Donations as tiny as a dollar add up. There are no fees with this campaign. Please help me support one of the best transporters on the road.