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Help the poor people of Gaza

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Help the poor people of Gaza

Dear Friend

I think you know something about Gaza. We live here a life of hell. We have become a ghost town in which Israeli planes bomb and destroy homes, killing and injuring civilians, in addition to the severe siege imposed by Israel.

According to a United Nations report, the Gaza Strip lives in the largest prison in the world

The children had to search for food in garbage containers and beg due to starvation. The extreme poverty rate has exceeded 90%. The electricity is cut off only 4 hours a day and the entry of medicines and aid is prohibited. Unfortunately, the UN Relief Agency has reduced its aid to 50%.

This is our life in the Gaza Strip. Death, tears and sadness. People's smile weakened because every family lost someone or was arrested. These people need to send their voices to the outside world. They want to be with them and think of them. They need your love and your hearts.

I hope you give your hearts to the children and the poor

This message is from the people here in the Gaza Strip