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Paying my depts

Organizer & Beneficiary: J. T. De Boer

Paying my depts


How is your day going?

I am a young woman from te Netherlands who moved to the UK to have a better change at life. At the moment I am a lodger together with my 3 bunny rabbits (who are basically my babys) working in a cornershop. I have my degree in animal care and am a hard worker. Like lots of other people I care for nature and all living beings and would like to make the world a better place for the next generations.

Thanks to some misfortune my days could be  bit better lately. Since I've been young I have been struggling with healt issues what gave me a lot of expenses the last years. After finishing coleg I hoped things would get better. But I couldn't find a job thanks to not having a driving licence. So I moved to the UK to make a new start and go to coleg again to increase my change at a job. Sadly my depts and expenses for my healt insurance and moving to the keep following me. Because I am just earning enough to be able to pay my rent, feed my bunnys and feed myself, I am not able to catch up with my depts who only grow bigger because of the interest. And that will not change as soon as I start coleg in September.

I don't like turning to othe people for help. But that made my situation the way it is now. So it's worth the try! Like the dutch say 'alle beetjes helpen', all bits help.

My total depts is almost €1.500. But to be save from paying more interest I need to pay of €900. 

Thank you for your time and hel. Have a lovely day <3

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