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Homeless Prevention Please!!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Katelyn Dobbins

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Homeless Prevention Please!!

First, we are three college students, Katelyn, Alex, and Ash. Since June we moved into an apartment with another roommate. This roommate a few weeks ago told us that she was deciding to move out in two weeks. No warning, no mention, no anything. All the issues she stated she had problems with were things she had smiled and agreed to each and every time no matter how often we made SURE she was comfortable. She also made it difficult to cooperate to the point that her parents both stepped in, told her that what she was doing was wrong, and ensured she would pay what she was supposed to rent wise. Unfortunately we are being left until January 1st to find a new place and nowhere within our city has apartments, so we're having to look out just outside the city. We're struggling financially and she did this during a time that we are transitioning jobs. We might have found a place!! But we can't pay the rest of the security deposit (provided we are accepted). We have been applying for jobs like crazy but because it's this time of year, both finding a job and a place to live that's affordable is hard. If anyone could find it in their hearts to make sure we don't end up homeless in the dead of winter, especially around the holidays, that would be amazing! Even just the smallest contribution would be a huge blessing because we've lost so much hope at this point. Thank for taking the time to hear our story.

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