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Money to care for the sick child,Tala

Organizer & Beneficiary: Tala's mother

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Money to care for the sick child,Tala

The girl's parents appeal to merciful hearts to extend a helping hand to them and their sick child.

The little girl, Tala, is from Palestine, Gaza City.

She suffers from quadriplegia as a result of cerebral palsy since her birth.. She suffers from the inability to stand and suffers from a secretory process.

Frequent seizures and loss of health and hearing.

Total dependence on parents for daily activities.. The child needs specific and continuous medication for life.

Need a wheelchair.

She needs a fresh air mattress due to her lack of movement and the risk of developing bedsores, and this causes a curvature of her spine. It needs complete health care, and this is not achieved due to the bad conditions that besieged Gaza is going through.

The father of the child does not work and supports a family of 7 people who live in one room.. They really need the help of kind hearts.image