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Fund the police fine of the amazing flatparty at delmouzou

Organizer & Beneficiary: Stefan Spettel

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Fund the police fine of the amazing flatparty at delmouzou

Hey people,

Do you remember our amazing erasmus flatparty in Alexandrou Delmouzou at the 26th of November? We sure had a lot of fun and an amazing time until the police came and dissolved our gathering 😐

Unfortunately we, the hosts (Coralie, Louis and Stefan), got fined for 137.22€* in the court of Thessaloniki for partying too loud.  ðŸ˜ž

It would be so amazing of you if everybody who was at the party could donate 2-3€ so we can share the costs 😊 If you don't remember that you were there, just assume you were =)

Thank you so much!

Coralie, Louis and Stefan


* The fine consists of 40€ of the fine, plus 110% (I don't know why..), 50€ for the court and taxes.

PS: This site accepts only dollars, so please donate about 3$ (2.50€). There might get something lost in the currency translation but it is still cheaper than the other crowdfunding sites and it has no minimal amount.