Eva's Journey

Organizer: Donna Zak
Beneficiary: devada fuller

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Eva's Journey

Our dear friend and soul sister, Eva ( Devada Eva Fuller ), is currently in a difficult situation, and needs our help.  As most of you know, she is on her spiritual path and has been following her guidance, which has taken her to many beautiful places and has created many wonderful soul connections in the process.  She is currently in Vietnam, she recently purchased a flight to her next destination, the Philippines, where she had made arrangements to volunteer her services for room and board.  Unfortunately, the ticket purchased was a scam, and now she is left stranded without a ticket or enough funds to purchase another.  In addition, now her current VISA is up!  I know she trusts her guides, but even for the hardiest of souls, this would be a harrowing situation! 

My wish is for all of us who feel called to help her continue her journey, to send her love, blessings, and donate just the cost of a cup of coffee or a candy bar that we were going to purchase today, or even just a dollar.  A little bit from each of us, gathered together, will make a huge difference.  It will provide an abundance of love, support, and assistance for Eva to continue on her journey, and will surely leave her heart bursting with even more love and gratitude that she will spread around the world, where ever she goes and to all the lives she touches. Thank you, Everyone, for your love, blessings, and generous donations! <3

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