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Dog Food for Rescued Dogs

Organizer & Beneficiary: Forgotten Paws Dog Rescue

Dog Food for Rescued Dogs

If anyone has any contacts to help us get dry dog food donated PLEASE CONTACT THEM. I have been spending $700 a week to feed the kennel house dogs and with today's $500 purchase we are back to having only $1600 in the bank for bill, vet care, next weeks food purchase or god forbid and emergency happens.

Everything we got donated on Giving Tuesday has a 60 day delay before we receive the money so although that will help in late January, right now I am in PANIC MODE!

This weekend we will be at the Petco in Kennesaw from 11-2 and Sunday (weather pending) we will be at the Petco at Edgewood in Atlanta from 11-230.

If you would like to donate food please do so at these times. You can also donate at the link below or send us gift cards so I can go buy at Petco, Target, Walmart.