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Please donate and help the children of Gaza

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Please donate and help the children of Gaza

Dear friends

Gazans are suffering from many problems .

The most suffered problem is power cuts which rises the rate of children's fears at night .

Because of power cut for longer than 16 hours a day , most of people in Gaza Strip are suffering from a lot of crisis such as the level of study at home , working , economic crisis and else…

Gazans are suffering from power shortages in Gaza Strip , which has recently been suffering from outages of up 16 hours at a day. Gaza residents have been enduring electricity shortages for years .

Another important problem in Gaza Strip is deprived children from education.

There is a huge number of Gazans children who are deprived from going to kindergarten and schools because of the extreme poverty or their disability .

We knew that children have the right to education, and going to schools for learning .

Every child has the right to learn and grow in an environment where their health and safety are paramount .

But unfortunately, the number of children who are deprived from education is rising these days , especially after the recently war on Gaza Strip .

The rate of disabled children and the rate of extreme poverty are rising as a result of wars on Gaza Strip and ongoing blockage.

For this we are in the process of establishing a kindergarten for children in special needs and children who are suffering from poverty and their families can not provide the school fees and school requirements.

The aim of this kindergarten is  helping and reintegrated these children into their society to be able to rely on themselves.

Rising this problem, children go to work to help their families in providing minimum requirements of life because of the extreme poverty.

We are based on donation campaign to solve an important problems in Gaza Strip: the crisis of electricity and the suffering of poor , marginalized children ,  those with special needs and  disabilities children.

If these  projects : Solar cell project and establishing a kindergarten project are done , we will be able to provide a lasting solution to a number of families who are suffering from power cuts , and provide a source of income for poor people through employment graduators who are unable to get a job .

If each person donate 1 Dollar or 1 Euro or 1 Pound , it could help many families in Gaza Strip .

You should not be Palestinian to donate , it is enough to be a human being…