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We just need a bit of help!!!

Organizer & Beneficiary: VALERIE ARTITH FAWCETT

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We just need a bit of help!!!

The year 2017 early 2018 have brought us many tragic that we have not yet recovered from. March my brother was tragically Killed. Then our septic went and had to be fixed. This past winter we had two separate chimney fires and were with of out heat till that was fixed. With no heat comes frozen broken pipes no water. we have had all this fix. which put all my current bills on hold. which added up fast with my five beautiful children living in the house. It was not easy to do but we made it!!!! We are down to needing 700 out of the 3000 we asked for originally.We got 70.00 in much appreciated donations and sold. A ton of things we did not want to part with but we did to save our selves. We also worked hard as we could. If you can help please do and if you cant can you please retweet.  MM + Mrs.MM