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Save our home,our only shelter

Organizer & Beneficiary: ZALINA

Save our home,our only shelter


I need  funding to help my family  repairing our house. The house is 19 years old now, and crack and settlement started to appear. Both my parents are not in good health and are retired. My father income is only 300usd which is not enough to support our expenses.

The house conditions currently has:

1)A lot of cracks on the wall inside and outside

2) Ground Settlements - the apron already sink in

3) Retaining wall cracked - Afraid will collapse towards below housing if not treated

4) Expired anti termite treatment - a lot of bugs and insects started to entering the house

5) Damage ceiling and roof due to ages

We dont have money to repair the house . Thus, i seek for some funding to help us repairing the house so that, we can continue living in it comfortably. 

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