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Medical Expenses for Sage Momberg Family

Organizer: Sage Momberg Family Fund
Beneficiary: laine momberg

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Medical Expenses for Sage Momberg Family

The families of Sage and Laine Momberg were shocked to learn that Sage would need to undergo medical tests, scans of his head and finally a serious brain surgery at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center in California after suffering severe headaches.  Sage was placed into the Intensive Care Unit for several days after a tumor was removed, while his dedicated wife and several family members remained by his side. Once he was stable enough he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for up to two more weeks in Los Angeles near UCLA Medical Center for further recovery related to his medical condition where he currently remains. We ask friends and family to help ease the expenses associated during this critical time. If you can contribute to this medical fund raising campaign your help will be tremendously appreciated. His recovery and continued therapy will be a long arduous process involving many additional Dr.'s appointments and traveling long distances. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers & continued support.