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Help Marcy Bounce Back

Organizer: Dave Praxis
Beneficiary: marcy solis de ovando

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Help Marcy Bounce Back

Hello all you lovely folk! A positive update for you all. Marcy's broken rib has fully recovered and she has had tremendously positive results from the PRP treatments on her heel! She would not have been able to afford these treatments without this fundraiser. She's now able to walk with out a cane and as a result, her hip is starting to feel a bit better as well, with less swelling than usual. There reason for her continued hip issues is still unknown but hopefully will be discovered with the upcoming medical exams that she's waiting for. 

Marcy's been working hard to pay off the last of the remaining debt left behind from the legal battle with I.D. theft and last month, she finally did... whew! Now she's attempting to figure out how to proceed with regards to the flooding of her storage locker. It's looking like a legal battle is in store but she's seeking legal advice first. Onward and upward!