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Finding Their Feet

Organizer: Michealle Arnold
Beneficiary: forrest and sarah avala

Finding Their Feet

Bad things happen to good people, and we can help!

I am writing this on behalf of two of my closest friends, Sarah and Forrest. They have had a series of unfortunate events, and there was not a thing they could have done to foresee what was to come.

They are hard-working people and had decided to start their own business. They looked hard for the right truck to buy to start a moving and towing company. They had a lucrative contract all lined up, so it was a no-brainer. The idea was that Sarah would keep building tiny houses, and Forrest would move them (and other things) for her company. Then it all went down the drain.

The truck they purchased turned out to have had numerous mechanical issues and has lived in the shop all but a few days of its life as their would-be workhorse. They did everything they could to make a sound purchase, even going to a certified dealer and investing in the top-of-the-line warranty. So much for the best-laid plans!

Shortly after they bought the truck, Sarah was laid off (there goes that income) and is still in the limbo of Washington state talking to Oregon state to figure out her unemployment insurance.

They came down to Humboldt for Forrest sister’s wedding, and have been stranded down there since the beginning of the month. While the new truck made it all the way, at about Grant’s Pass they heard what sounded like gravel in the transmission. They are now waiting for the insurance adjuster to verify the very expensive repairs needed and covered under warranty.

While stranded in California, they have been picking up odd jobs and handyman work to try to keep afloat. They still have rent, car payments (on the truck), insurance, and other expenses without an income. They will land on their feet, but we don’t want them to stress any more than they already are. They have already lost the tiny house towing contract that would have set them up for the next half a year. Hopefully, Sarah’s unemployment will kick in, but we don’t know when.

 I hate seeing my friends thwarted at every turn! Right now they need a tiny bit of help to get them back home with enough in their pockets to make the basic bills. They are resourceful and will return home to Washington with food they have hunted and gathered, but that won’t pay the rent. Let’s get them back on their feet and show them we care. Every dollar helps, and no contribution is too small. If you don’t have the money, please share.

Thank you for your kindness

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