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Project 65. Bundaberg cats needing rescue

Organizer & Beneficiary: Katie Cordin

Project 65. Bundaberg cats needing rescue

Project 65 is all about saving the lives of SIXTY FIVE cats from euthanasia. We ONLY have barely over TEN DAYS  to save them ALL!

After that, these cats will be seized and euthanised (killed).

Every SINGLE dollar raised is appreciated- no amount is too small!


All cats have been desexed apart from a couple who are too young.

The funds raised (your generous donation) will go directly towards rescuing these cats:

1. Assisting transport: money will be used to get cats to their new homes if they are out of the district- not everyone willing to adopt lives nearby. 

2. Assisting vet work: these cats require microchips and vaccinations, your donations will go towards the costs

3. Assisting upkeep: food, wormer, flea treatment and cat litter, your donation will assist the purchasing of these items to keep the cats healthy and comfortable 

4. Additionally, helping with funding other rescues to save these cats

All cats appear to be in great health. all these cats are living indoors with people, not in cages or running free

Come and view our Facebook page that is solely dedicated to these 65 cats:

Project 65. Bundaberg cats needing rescue 


The story:

We were given only 1 month to rehome as many as we can (and 1 and a half weeks have already gone). She is only allowed to keep 3. We want good homes rather than see them put down because neither council pound nor RSPCA or any other rescue would be able to handle such a big quantity all at once.

All these cats were rescued from around one lady’s house. Someone dumped a mother cat and 2 kittens in the vacant lot next door to her back at the end of 2012. but She wasn’t able to catch the kittens and both were females.

It was only a matter of time before little kittens started turning up around the place because there was also a male living in the area.

She started feeding them to save the wildlife in the nicest bushy area of Bundaberg and also befriending them in the hope of catching them.

Because She was gaining their trust with food before catching them, they have become beautiful friendly pets, some require a little patience to get to know strangers but many of them also warm up to you within seconds!

unfortunately She wasn't able to catch them all quick enough to stop the inevitable population explosion - although She has surely must have made a difference because it has been 5 & a half years since the first dumping and there certainly isn't 20,000 strays around the neighbourhood which is the figure given to a single female cat & her offspring in just 4 years.

In the 5 & a half years She has managed to not only befriend, tame and rescue but also DESEX all these cats (except a couple which are too young/small) out of her own pocket too, you do the maths on that!