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Kyla’s Children’s Global Alliance Trip To Morocco

Organizer: Ryan Wolffe
Beneficiary: kyla wolffe

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Kyla’s Children’s Global Alliance Trip To Morocco

Kyla will be attempting to raise all $3200 on her own so any donations made by you will help if she comes up short or will be donated directly to her trip so her team can accomplish more.  

Abde Salan Middle School serves children from the old medina in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.  The school houses 520 children in grades 7-9, in 20 classrooms, but Kyla will be teaching only the most eager students, hand-picked by the principal. The illiteracy rate in Morocco is sky high, and this school struggles with a high drop-out rate, a mandated curriculum that the teachers don’t believe in, and not enough staff to cover the basic needs of the school. Kyls will be continuing to implement the ESL program for this school and will be teaching daily, participating in home visits, and uncovering the mystery and misunderstandings that lie deep within this complicated country. She will be teaching English in teams in four different classrooms, that typically consist of 15-20 students. These students will become like family over the two weeks she will share with them.

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