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Help kitty see the vet!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Daniel Lysander

Help kitty see the vet!

Hi everyone! 

Glitch is my lovely 3 year old emotional support animal. I've had him for a bit over two years and he's been in good health the whole time, which has been lucky for me since I've spent a good chunk of that time poor and unemployed. 

During this past week, he's suddenly started to have some big urinary and behavioral problems that are far out of the norm for him, and i'm super worried. The big problem: I'm currently unemployed, and have about $13 to my name. I need help to be able to afford the vet bills for a check up and urine tests, let alone the bills afterwards if something major is wrong. I need to get him to the vet as soon as possible and i don't want to hold off until i snag myself a new job and wait for a paycheck until i'm able to get him looked at.

The money from this fundraiser will go to: buying a cheap kitty crate so i can transport him to/from the vet, a bit of travel cost (all the low cost clinics are a 30+ minute drive away from where I live), and the rest will go directly into paying the bill. A check-up at the clinic im looking at, plus urine tests, will run around $130. 

Thank you for reading, donating, or sharing. If you donate, let me know and I can send you lots of cat pictures as a thank you! 

I appreciate any and all help. 💖

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