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Bill & Z Moving Fund: Need Safe Neighborhood & Clean Water

Organizer & Beneficiary: Zizi White

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Bill & Z Moving Fund: Need Safe Neighborhood & Clean Water

(AN UPDATE: ANOTHER SHOOTING RIGHT ACROSS FROM OUR WINDOW. ) Automatice weapons fired at each other 9/14/2019)

Bill and I have known each other almost 20 years & have been together as a couple for about 8 years. We want to get married but troubles have tripped us up with our health and standard of living. Bill had a severe accident about 11 years ago when a refrigeration unit fell on him and pinned him leaving tendons permanently damaged and "traumatic brain injury." I had just battled a hospital and nursing home over the treatment of my elderly mother and both of us found ourselves "depleted and depressed" from our mutual ordeals yet we "stuck together" like glue. It was then we knew we had something "special" after all and we finally committed to a life together. 

We came to live in my mother's hometown for a while and have found ourselves in a jam. I had un-diagnosed diabetes for probably 3 years and both of us are suffering because of the water quality in the area which saw a severe chemical spill in the water supply in 2014. Also, the neighborhood we're in which is all we can afford is so bad we're afraid to even take a walk on the sidewalks as shootings occur frequently. I've made some headway with my illness but I need warm weather and the ability to swim almost daily to lose more weight. Bill's health issues and not being able to walk outside or work with plants has taken a toll on him mentally. The chemicals from a chemical plant across the river make us sick wjen they blow out a strong perfume smell. Plus, we can't have pets where we live & I we'd like to rescue an animal again. So we're raising money to get us to a better location and might even consider buying a cheap mobile home in a better place for climate and health. So we're asking for help now so we can attempt to move before Winter. Thank you so much. Zizi

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