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Help for medication and bills

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Help for medication and bills

Hi, recently I had a deep vein thrombosis, I was hospitalized, and now I need to take anticoagulants.  I have a minimum wage job, the medicine costs 1/4 of my salary, I also need special socks.  Hospitalization, sick leave, and medication had a big impact, and I ended up with a big debt.  My medicine is running out and I'm having a hard time paying the basic bills.  Not taking the medicine is a great risk of pulmonary embolism.  I am in constant anxiety.  I need help to stay well and get back on track financially.  I will be forever grateful.

Update 23/02 I'm at the emergency, with suspect of Covid 19. I'm waiting to make the test, but I'll stay off my work till the results (if it return negative). 

I made the test, I'm waiting the results, at least four days till there. I'll stay home, this will affect my incomes. 

Update 25/02 I have being told ,even with a possibility of Covid, I need to see a doctor to approve my medical leave. At same time I need blood test to check my coagulation.  I'm desperate with all the costs are coming.

Update 28/02- I just got my covid test results, it returned negative. I still need see a doctor about my medical leave. I'll make a coagulation blood test, to see if I can stop the medicine. I hope the covid's treatment don't affect it. At same time that I wish stop this medicine (because i can't afford it), I'm having anxiety crisis about stop it and have another thrombosis. My anxiety is so intense that I feel numb.

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